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I truly thank all my students for their excellent engagement and work with me. I sincerely and wholeheartedly enjoyed all our projects and all the enriching discussions in all our seminars, lectures and classes.
After having been ‘Substitute Professor’ for such a long time (Ws 2009/2010, SoSe 2010 , WS 10/11, SoSe 11, WiSe 2o11/12 SoSe 2012, WS 2012-13, SoSe 2013  the time is indeed exceptional):  I thank  the TU Dresden for the enriching collaboration, work and trust in my knowledge.
I truly thank you all for your understanding that I have to now finish my work. I will miss you and be sure: We’ll be in touch.
I equally sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the TU Dresden for my ‘Habilitiation research grant’ following my substitute professorship.
Katrin Döveling
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