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Dr. Katrin Döveling, M.A. Dipl., Vertretungsprofessur Empirische Kommunikations- und Medienforschung Universität Leipzig
Associate in Arts Degree, with Honors (in the U.S.), Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Françaises (in France), Diplôme d’Etudes des Affaires Internationales et Marketing (in France), M.A.: Sociology, Psychology, Communication Studies (in Germany), Dr. Degree (in Germany, with special focus on interdisciplinary perspectives, in media sociology and media psychology and intercultural analysis US – Germany)
Hier gehts zu: Wissenschaftliche Rezensionen zu Emotionen- Medien-Gemeinschaft von 2005  For Achievements in Science and Academic publications, see – among others – Academic Presentations above
Before: Marie-Reiche Research Fellow, Technische Universität Dresden (2013-2014). Before she held the temp. Professorship and Chair of Communication and Media Studies at the Institute for Communication and Media Studies, Teschniche Universität Dresden from 2009-2013.  Prior to that, she was Assistant Professor at the Free University of Berlin. Her research interests include media use and reception, media psychology and media sociology, and emotions engendered by diverse forms of mass media. Recently, she published on interpersonal communication and emotions, children’s emotions, social appraisal, emotions in politics, the social web, visual communication and popular media formats (For latest news and further information, see above).
Homepage: www.katrindoeveling.de Aktuelles: kdoeveling.wordpress.com see also: Dr. Katrin Döveling on: academia.com  ResearchGate  LinkedIn
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